Women’s Self Defense (WSD)

This program is just being finalized. It will be offered in different formats, from single sessions to weekend training to 30, 60 and 90 day programs.

Attention. I am looking for those interested in becoming a teacher for the kids or women’s programs. You will train as a professional teacher, rather than a martial artist. It will be presented as a professional business, rather than a hobby. If interested, contact me at for more details.

It is too bad that others, who knew Bruce, do not or did not, share their own JKD experiences for future generations. Their knowledge will die with them, as their followers argue over what he really said or meant, while the truth fades with time.

Jesse said that JKD died when Bruce died. I disagree. JKD is only a concept and cannot die. Bruce’s JKD died, but the concept lives on. Capturing a concept and giving it form and structure, for others to understand and examine, allows the concept to stay alive. Bruce’s concepts were in an evolving phase and only he alone could determine the final vision. Yet, his initial vision opened the door to many JKD paths that are yet to be discovered. Through my notes and videos, I hope to leave sufficient information, for those truly interested, to take my JKD interpretation and let future martial artists use it as a springboard for their own JKD.

It is said, that when great individuals die, their energy becomes a star that twinkles in the night. I enjoy looking up into the dark sky and smile at the thought of Bruce, Jesse, and Ed shining down on all of us.