Wing Chun Do (WCD)

Wing Chun DO (WCD) is the “art and science”, DeMile Self Defense (DSD)  is the “science and combatives” of my interpretations of Bruce’s concepts and principles. Bruce looked at the martial from two positions.  First was the art.  He felt the “art was beautiful” but not scientific.  He wanted something to reflect a deeper element of the “art”.  This element was “Practicality”.  He wanted a system that was beautiful, yet functional in modern society.  So he developed a flowing of techniques that were based on Simplicity, Efficiency and most important, Practicality.  It was a personal creation that reflected his needs at that time.  Practicality, meant he had to have a reference to determine a techniques value, hence the science of discovery.  Wing Chun Do is the complete structure of the “art and the science”.  It was an accumulation on the details of my training with Bruce Lee.  The self defense element was built in as an overall benefit of the applied concepts.  However, the emphasis was on the practicality and beauty of the complete system.  Each phase of learning was focused on the details of what made things work and how you applied them.  It was developed with the average individual in mind, who was not a fighter, and although they wanted self defense techniques, they were also interested in personal development.  Many of the students in WCD have been training for five years and up to ten, because of how it has contributed to their confidence and positive self image.  Sigung Rocco Ambrose, of the Ambrose Academy, in Livonia Michigan, is the Chief instructor of the system, and at this time, is the only person I have authorized to train instructors.  I am still personally involved with instructors and certify them when they become qualified and will add them to the international roster of qualified WCD instructors. Sigung Ambrose has an extension program for those who want to train, but cannot attend his academy on a regular basis.