DeMile Developmental Institute Introduction

The DeMile Developmental Institute, a branch of the Tao of Wing Chun Do (TWCD), was organized to create non-invasive* self help programs, that bring the mind/body/spirit* into balance and harmony, so the individual can realize self fulfillment.. This process is achieved, by recognizing that each aspect of the individual is unique, and requires a specific pathway to evolve their beliefs. The DDI accomplishes its goals by presenting two different, yet compatible approaches, that do not lead or interfere with free will or personal spontaneity.
First is the mind, which encompasses the emotions and conscious/subconscious. To bring the mind into balance, the DDI utilizes academic personal development techniques, rather than philosophy. It employs a Growth Pyramid for clarifying important reference points in a person’s life, such as love, marriage, happiness, success etc.  Once defined, there are specific steps to use the pyramid information to achieve any personal goal.   Also, a Game Plan is used for organization and continuity purposes and is paired with unique Internalizing techniques for achieving the desired changes.
Second, is the body. This phase of individual growth, reaches into the past for its answers, as well as identifies with specific current behavioral standards. The roots of our physical approach, go back to the ancient monasteries that were dedicated to finding the meaning of life. Although we separate from the religious aspect of their beliefs, we find that they offered very useful methods to internalize and detach from external disturbances, as well as ways to focus the mind to maximize the search for inner peace and harmony. Their recognition that the mind cannot evolve without the body following, is a key element in our modern interpretation and application of their ageless secrets. We know that the mind and body are one, and to focus only on the mind or the body, creates an imbalance that will restrict reaching one’s full physical/mental and spiritual potential. So, we have developed a series of physical exercises that benefit both the mind and the body, regardless of age, condition or gender.

( Each program is complete without the other, so the individual can do one or both, depending on their needs)

*non-invasive – To allow the individual self determination in making decisions, free from outside philosophy or dogma.
*Spirit –  The awareness of our individual energy that is the essence of who we are.

Personal Development Insights