Science of Hypnosis


No longer the unknown cerebral influence, feared by many and misunderstood by most. Science has given hypnosis form and substance, and identified it as a natural tool everyone already possess.  It is much like a computer that can be used to play games, yet, we all know the primary function of the computer is to expand our mental potential by using its vast resources to enrich our lives.  It is a tool, not some magical or holy relic.  Our brain is also a tool, and like the keyboard and monitor, used to access the computer, we need to have ways to access the unlimited possibilities of our intellect.  The power of the computer is not in the box, but, what is out of sight, the motherboard.  Our brain is just a lump of tissue we see, but, like the computer, the authority or command center is deep within the safety and security of that box of issue.

Science looks at Hypnosis as just a word to describe a process of internalizing thought. During the day we are mostly external thinkers, as we adjust to the activity around us.  But, there are many moments in the day when we internalize our thoughts.  Daydreaming is the most common.  An idle moment, a repetitious action, reflecting on a memory, are just a few ways we shift our thoughts internally.  The only difference between drifting into dreamy thoughts and hypnosis, is hypnosis is a structured way to internalize and use the brains motherboard to tap into our mental/physical potential.  Of course hypnosis is not the only way to internalize structured thoughts, I only feel it is the most simple, efficient and practical means to quickly and consistently use our mind to our advantage.

If you are interested in more details in the science of the internalizing process, go to my site, and in the personal development segment, look up the Hypnosis/Centering/Meditation  page.     Aloha

Please share and make any comments. I am happy to answer any questions.  As I have said in the past, DeMile JKD is both mind and body.  Bruce Lee was very interested in this martial arts balance and would have pursued it in his JKD if he had lived.