Sample areas of concern

Here are a few areas that we will address as samples to work on.  We will use these areas to show how to basically pursue your program by following a specific structure.  In the program, I will offer three detailed examples of how I would approach a specific concern, Self Confidence, alzheimers and Cancer. I will go over the steps one by one.

<a title="Happiness” href=””>Happiness..<a title="
Success” href=””>.success…<a title="
Marriage” href=””>marriage…<a title="
Self Confidence
Fear” href=””>fear…<a title="
Memory” href=””>memory...<a title="
Cancer” href=””>cancer..<a title="
Sleep” href=””>.sleep…<a title="
Depression” href=””>depression...<a title="
Arthritis” href=””>arthritis...<a title="
Anxiety” href=””>anxiety
..<a title="
Stuttering” href=””>.stuttering..<a title="
Eczema” href=””>.eczema…<a title="
Phobia” href=””>phobia…<a title="
Anger” href=””>anger..<a title="
Guilt” href=””>.guilt..<a title="
Motivation” href=””>.motivation…<a title="
Hypo-conriac” href=””>hypo-chondriac
Dementia and Alzheimer’s
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