Where is the Sub-Conscious

Lets keep this as simple as possible. You have been introduced to the basic level of Meditation, Centering and Hypnosis lets review, in more detail, the various levels you will pass as you seek the deepest part of your mental being.

Lets first look at the brain and make an educated guess where the sub-conscious is.


If you look at an MRI of a functioning brain, the Pre-frontal cortex seems be the thought or thinking level (Conscious) and has the elements that allow you to recognize that you exist. It appears to be the main terminal that has connecting links to other lobes or terminals which possess different functions.
If we look at the Pre-frontal lobe as the Conscious, and the other lobes as subconscious, then we can envision a track or doorway that opens out into the other lobes. Understanding the exact function and responsibility is not necessary for using each lobe in a positive way. I assume, that somewhere in the subconscious, there is a master file on everything any lobe is able to do, and is aware of the links necessary to travel, to tap into the maximum power of each lobe. But, I recommend you review each lobes function, as reference material.
Since each lobe has its own primary function, I assume that the deeper you go, the more access you will have to each lobes main terminal of control. For personal development purposes, lets review 9 levels or guideposts to the interior of the mind.


Level One This is Gamma, external, the highest level (38 to 42 + Hrz). It is the fight or flight response. We leap into this mental state to totally focus on responding to an unknown immediate threat. It could be an emotional or physical confrontation. Why is this important? It is because it happen to everyone throughout their life, and rather than have the stress disappear, after the threat, it tends to linger. It is possible to pre-program yourself, to dissolve the stress reaction as quick as possible, since it causes an overload to the mind and body. This area of application would be mostly used in a high stress area, such as a battle field, law enforcement or a fireman. Little or no response to external direction.

Level Two: This is Beta, external (12to 38 Hrz), the major mental state during the day. It is filled with thoughts and triggers feelings, that can be both positive and negative. All your physical and external awareness, is at this level. The function of your mind, at this level, is primarily responsible for the stability or instability, of who you are. Any input is analyzed by conscious awareness.

Level Three: Alpha, light Internal (8 to 12Hrz), relaxed, the first step within. This is also known as the daydream level. What separates it from deeper levels, is the external awareness, yet internalizing. The best example, is driving a car for 10 blocks and not being aware of doing it. The mind functions in two areas, at the same time. The limitation of using it for commands, is the lack of concentration and being easily disturbed by outside distractions.

Level four: Theta, Medium Internal (3 to 8 Hrz), very relaxed, more internal focus, less reaction to outside influences. The most desirable level, since it is easily achieved, and has the highest rate of success, for everyday emotional problems. Good response to commands for personal development

Level Five: REM, Deep Internal ( 15 to 30 / 10 to 20 Hrz??, (relaxed or agitated, depending on type of activity in Natural sleep state), disjointed periods of dreaming, minimal sense awareness, no response to commands. Can be shifted back and forth from REM to Theta, with preconditioning techniques.

Level six: Delta, Very Deep Internal (0.5 to 3 Hrz), level for cell regeneration, recharging an rebuilding the body and mind. An unknown entity, in using for personal Development research. This is moving into the lower mysterious realms of the sub-conscious. No response to command

Level Seven: Somnambulism, Light, Medium and Very Deep Internal (brain Hrz activity fluctuates, since the brain seems to be very aware of external surroundings, yet is undisturbed by them, and maintains an extremely relaxed state. But, the individual can actually walk around, speak and interact with others, yet stay in the deep detached state. At any other level, the person would be disturbed from their state, if asked to talk or walk. Very strong response to Commands.

Level eight: Plenary, Extremely Deep, (.01 to .5 Hrz). Known to exist, because of research by USA and Russia, to condition Astronauts for deep space travel. As close to “out of body experience” that anyone has ever experienced. It is mainly a mental awareness, detached from physical awareness. Believed to be a level for stimulating a Spontaneous Remission reaction, “the holy grail” of medical science.

Level nine: Infra-low (.001) Clinically almost dead, yet alive. Believed to exist, but no proof and no recognized method to achieve it.. It is reaching outside your individual powers, and being able to use the powers that exist in the cosmic universe, which unites us all ?????

Review and try be able to visualize passing through these levels as you internalize. Like going down an elevator and seeing each floor pass, so you know where to stop. You do not need Somnambulism, if you just want to rest and relieve tension or just to go to sleep. With practice, your subconscious will pick the proper depth, relative to what you want to accomplish. Again, look at the graph to get a clear picture of what you mean by “depth” OK, lets move on to “internalizing