Personal Development Overview

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The DD programs were developed after making certain assumptions:

1. You want change in the mind/body.

2. You have the mental ability to make any change (already possess the tools)

3. You recognize your mind has a conscious (Outer) and a sub-conscious (Inner).

4. That the mind stores all life’s memories and experiences.

5. That the mind knows the cause and effect of mind/body experiences.

6. The more precise any information, the better the mind can respond.

7. That the mind can cure any mind/body problem (spontaneous remission).

8. That the mind is neutral, and will change any default setting.

These assumptions are the foundations of the structure outlined in the various levels of personal development. Each step is a building block towards achieving success in any area of personal concern. The steps, whether for personal development or medical concerns are designed in an academic way to minimize confusion during the growth process. Understanding each step is critical for setting up each succeeding stage.


1. Recognize need to change. “I am not happy”, “life sucks”, “life is passing me bye”, “I can do better”, etc……

2. Determine when to start change. Create a timeline. “Today”, “New Years”, “On Birthday”,

3. Identify specific area or areas to be changed. “Self Confidence”, “Health”, “Financial”, Marriage”, attitude, emotional conflicts “Fear, Anger, Guilt, Resentment”, etc………
4. Qualify if the area is real or imagined or valid or invalid. Sometime it is an old fear we have drug along into the present, but the cause is long gone. Validate or Invalidate is a very important element in the change process and is a key for the conscious and subconscious to work together.

5. Start a pyramid to define the area of concern. Example. “Self Confidence” What does it mean? What elements make it up (self esteem, accept personal responsibility for your life, emotional maturity, be healthy, self reliant, be disciplined and focused, ????) Etc……..

6. Start a Game Plan to organize your priorities and a way to establish your progress. The graph will show your consistent or inconsistent effort to achieve the change you want.

7. Center your internal awareness so the conscious and sub-conscious become one ( DeMile Developmental Meditation, Centering Progression or Self Hypnosis). This will allow your commands to be quickly input with a minimum amount of external interference.

8. Clearly write or make a audio CD of your primary area, defining the problem and what you want changed. This will be your initial command as well as your reinforcement source, from the conscious to the sub-conscious.

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