Lin Sil Die Dar, (multiple attack)

The lin Sil Die dar is a concept for multiple action of being offensive, defensive and jamming. While you are defending, you are attacking with a strike and closing on the opponent to create a forward constant pressure that causes a jamming effect. It must be done correctly, in balanced way, relative to the distance between you and your opponent. You do not jam the opponent so that you jam yourself. The idea is to jam the opponent’s technique and not your own. Control the distance to place yourself in the proper place to do your technique in a flowing way.

The lin sil die dar concept is the junction that makes everything work in DJKD, WCD DSS. Without this concept, phon sao and chi sao are in pieces. Lin sil die dar is a term used for multiple attack or total attack theory. It is going in with the idea of being fully offensive yet not being purely offensive because the defense is built in. When you talk of lin sil die dar, it involves three different segments moving at the same time.
One arm being defensive.
One arm being offensive.
The legs bringing the whole body into appropriate distance to do traps and maintain spring load pressure.
Remember, that the arms move independent of one another and the legs move independent of the arms.
Everything comes down to the lin sil die dar concept. In isolating out this concept in training, the emphasis is on the coordination of the movement and the automatic adjustment of the distance. Lin sil die dar is a concept rather than a series of techniques.