Meditation/Centering/Self Hypnosis

Science is finally accepting the mind has many undiscovered powers.
Read this a few times, since it is critical for you to understand the internalizing process. We need 100% of your attention, to achieve the changes you want. Information is not really knowledge, until you do something with it.

I am going to spend a few minutes with you, reviewing a description of various mind levels, that are critical for you to understand, in order to access the control you need, for becoming your own master therapist. The first important thing to recognize, is a simple fact of memory. Everything I explain, in this presentation, does not have to be remembered by the conscious, in order to be applied.. However, it does have to be under stood, for useful storage and review, in the sub-conscious. Think of it as a library, filled with your life’s memory. Everything you have read, seen, heard or done, is stored and filed in your personal library. Now, in the center of the library is a master computer, that can access any of that information, as needed to run your daily life. Most of the information is stored, unused, but still accessible. Now, there are certain default settings that have been there since birth, to keep the computer automatically running smoothly. Your metabolism, respiration, the immune system, the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system, all contribute to keeping the body and mind in balance. However, there are other default settings that have been placed by you, throughout your life……These default settings can be good or bad . If you experience negative emotional reactions, fear, anger, depression resentment, quilt, free floating stress or other dark emotions, they are most often triggered by default settings accumulated since childhood.
That is why we have this program, to expand the good or positive defaults and remove or change the bad or negative defaults.
I will clarify each step and show how it intertwines with the other steps.
First, lets prove there is a sub-conscious. I am going to present an exercise that will show you the two layers of your mind. First is the conscious or the awareness of your existence and the sub-conscious or the motherboard that allows you to function on a physical and emotional level.
Conscious & Sub-Conscious exercise

What do meditation, hypnosis, centering, daydreaming, introspection, sleep, naps, contemplating, reflection, deliberation, prayer and thought, all have in common? They are all an internal mental processes. For a short time, the mind detaches from outside distractions, and focuses within, which allows the mind to draw from its vast source of knowledge without external interference. By minimizing exterior intervention, the mind can focus and center on one stream of thought. Centering the mind maximizes its potential to access the needed facts to resolve any question or attain any mental, emotional or physical goal. Power naps have been used by many powerful people to help resolve perplexing problems. Leonardo DeVinci, Winston Churchill, John Kennedy, even Albert Einstein acknowledged they used naps to let the mind work on a problem, free from external or even conscious distractions, very often awakening with the answer they were looking for.
The actual method for centering is similar to going to sleep, doing meditation or responding to a hypnotic induction. You go from an awake active state to a very mellow, lazy, comfortable, drowsy mental/physical internal state of being. The quality of the internal mental state will determine the degree of response in achieving your personal goals, whether it is accelerated learning, general relaxation, personal development or resolving medical concerns.
The main problem with sleep, is that there is only a short window of opportunity, theta level, to have the conscious and subconscious work together. The difficulty with classical meditation, is it is a distraction to give yourself directional commands, since it breaks the relaxation flow, whereas developmental meditation allows the individual to maintain control through the whole process. A problem with hetero-hypnosis (outside control) is letting someone else do the induction, and give suggestions from their point of view, which may cause subconscious resistance or rejection. Self hypnosis (personal control) eliminates external influences, giving the individual total command of each phase of the procedure.

There are six stages in the Centering, Directive Meditation, Hypnosis (CDMH)process. First is Beta level, which is the awake stage and the brain shows an activity of from 15 to 30 Hz (spikes) per second on a EEG device. This conscious thinking level uses the brains ability to identify and clarify a problem and then create a game plan for change. From there the brain drops into “Alpha”, which is the first step to internalizing thoughts. Brain activity drops to 7 to 13 Hz. In CDMH, this is known as the “Lethargic” level. It is a light daydream state and the person is easily distracted by outside interference. Next is the “Theta level” which shows 4 to 7 Hz and is also known as the “Cataleptic” State. This is the primary state that most people enter without any problem and is detached enough to give simple personal development suggestions, but limited physical control commands. Where, in CDMH, you can maintain the Cataleptic level, in sleep the duration from Theta to REM is fairly short. In the sleep process the next step is REM or Rapid eye movement stage. In REM you have entered the dream state and are disconnected from external activities and specific trains of thought. In sleep, after REM, the person will go back and forth, throughout the night, between REM and the “Delta” state or 0.1 to 4 Hz. In Delta the person does not dream or have much brain activity. This is the level where scientists believe the mind and body is most inactive while regenerating itself. Because of the reduced brain control, both REM and Delta are not useful for giving developmental input. In CDMH, instead of going to REM or Delta you go into what is called the “Somnambulistic” state. The somnambulistic state is a very deep state of conscious and physical external detachment, but unlike sleep, you are still aware of outside activities, but not distracted.. This where the conscious and subconscious become one and where the mind is alert and responds quickly and strongly to commands. Dental and general surgical procedures can be done with little,or no bleeding or pain. At the Somnambulistic level, commands are stronger, and more involved negative habits can be overcome or changed. Only about 10% of the general population can spontaneously enter this deep state. The reason for this low rate, is because of the fear stigma from stage hypnosis or movies where people do idiotic things and people dread they will lose control to someone else. Which is totally untrue. The person cooperates and can terminate the session at any time. This apprehension about hypnosis greatly reduces the benefits that could be achieved by using this deeper power, which the person already possess. However, with practice, most individuals can achieve the Somnambulistic level.
Another problem with Hetero-hypnosis (induction done by a hypnotist), is the conscious is pushed to the side and the focus is on the subconscious. This separation reduces the advantage of achieving maximum use in the overall powers of the mind by not having the conscious and subconscious work together as a team.
The last level for CDMH is called the “Plenary” stage. This is also referred to as the “comatose ” level. It is similar to a suspended state of animation where there seems to be little brain activity, respiration or metabolism function. It is very close to an out-of-body-experience. Both The USA and Russia did a lot of experiments to access control of this level, so astronauts could travel great distances with little aging. Our application of this state, is to access the deepest regions of the mind, so the concerned individual can find the trigger for Spontaneous Remission, which has been proven to exist, and find the cause of a multitude of cancers, tumors and other terminal conditions. We are also exploring accessing the “Delta” level, since it is a mind/body regenerating period.
The DeMile* Developmental process blends the conscious and subconscious into one centering flow. It draws from the total brain potential since the individual is in total control of the process. It is a modern scientific application of meditation or self hypnosis. The structured procedure allows the individual to create personal guideposts. These guideposts are used as references to keep the developmental method non-invasive and free from outside interference. Initially, a person needs a guide to take them through the learning curve or progression of steps. Once the person develops an understanding of the course, they no longer need the guide, other than for answering an occasional question. Independence and personal control are the primary objectives of each participant.

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