Intro to The Mind

Knowledge is power…is more than a statement…it is fact. The mind feeds off knowledge, and the more details in any area of concern, the better the subconscious can respond. Don’t just think about a problem, do some research, look at the problem from every angle…..your worth the time and effort.
This phase is critical…if you are going to do the program. The conscious/sub-consciousmake a great team, only if they work well togethere. Two vital points to remember throughout the program…..always try and accumulate the most recent and precise information in your area of concern…and second..take the time to understand the material the best you can. As pointed out a few times throughout the program, you do not have to remember it, just understand it, so it is cataloged as useful information…in the sub-conscious library…then forget it.
I will put a link at the end of each page, to keep you on the important points.
Now, lets move on to Power of the Mind
Power of The Mind