DeMile Self-Defense (DSD)

DeMile Self Defense (DSD)

DeMile Self Defense is a compressed version of Wing Chun Do and combat Jujitsu (JJ). It is the blending of the best close quarter defensive tactics from both arts. Refined WCD is the stand-up and JJ is the ground defense.  Chris “the Badger” Blanke is a WCD instructor as well as a 3rd Degree Black Belt and multiple gold medal world Jujitsu champion under  the Ribeiro JJ (RJJ banner.    Chris is well known for his knowing the difference between “sport” and “combative” jujitsu.  Along with Chris and myself, Ken and Rick DeMile,both WCD instructors and Brown Belts in RJJ, are part of the creative team to make DSD the best Defensive tactics anyone can offer.  We incorporate the latest in training technology along with new innovative electronics, designed and built by Ken, and known as the ‘Fittest Warrior Challenge”.  Rick specializes in Kids programs and allows us to work effectively with tomorrows generations, both adults and children.  A primary difference between WCD and DSD is how they are taught.  WCD is presented on more of an academic basis, where details are important.  DSD touches on the details but emphasizes application.  WCD offers more of a family atmosphere, where DSD promotes an aggressive training environment.  WCD is a system and will maintain it’s structure, DSD is subject to change as the need changes.

Also, DSD can be added to an any existing schools curriculum. An instructor who already has a teaching format can expand it with DSD by becoming an affiliate or train to have their own DSD school.  One of the benefits of being an affiliate is having personal access to work closely with DeMile and Blanke.